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Treatments Under Huwashshafi

Welcome to the greatest free medical information website by Huwashshafi online where you can find lots of information regarding the Treatments and Diagnostic etc.You have just landed on the site that will give you the best secret about how to get rid of Problems. We have all of the information you ill ever need about how to cure the major diseases.

Know how to prevent, treat and control the symptoms of various diseases and medical conditions. We explain what's happening in your body when disease strikes, and what you can do to feel better faster. Its is right here! Please consult the Huwashshafi and consult the Docutor as early as possible.

Treatment List is given below, Please download the documents by clicking it.

* Acupuncture * Acupressure * Korean Hand Therapy
* Cupping Therapy (Al-hijama) * Diadens Therapy Treatment Instruction * Herbal Therapy
* Magnetic Info * Gusa Therapy * Naturopathy
* Ionic Batch Therapy * Batch Flower Treatment * Ultra Voilet Thepary
* Aroma Therapy * Jade Massage Therapy * Prophetic Medicines
* * *

*   *  

* Click on the above Treatments to download the respective pdf files