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Alternative Medicine: A Brief Introduction

Alternative medicine is an approach which is used to replace Conventional or Western system of medicines and therapy. It may include ingesting or applying organic substances, pursuing a special diet plan, or some unique combination of methods that are not usually advised by a physician who practices conventional and traditional medicine. An individual who decides on alternative medicine for treatment of his cancer might decide a diet plan can be a lot more beneficial in comparison with chemotherapy and radiotherapy.Whenever we need professional medical care, we mostly expect to have a physician who practices conventional medicine, often called allopathic medicine.

This conventional medicine provides for an analysis, and then treatment applying medications or other solutions, which have been developed through observation over time, as well as through research studies and clinical trials. Examples are pharmaceutical medications, surgical treatments and others. Eastern civilizations (Chinese culture, as an example) have developed medical therapies over 1000's of years, which are just now increasingly accepted all over the world, specifically in the USA, Europe and other western countries. All those treatments and therapies are generally known as complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).


What is the Difference Between Complementary and Alternative Systems of Medicine?

Typically, both terms are used interchangeably. However, there is really a difference. Alternative Medicines are applied in place of a traditional medical solution. In case you decide to do yoga and meditation rather than visiting a physiotherapist, it will be considered an alternative treatment. Complementary therapies are applied combined with traditional treatments. As an example, your physician might advise you take calcium supplements for your bones, plus one of the medications developed to stave off osteoporosis. As you are applying both solutions now, it will be considered complementary therapy. Please see Diagnostic and Treatment pages for more details, and the same can be downloaded as pdf file format.

What is Integrative Medicine?

For all those physicians and individuals who want to consider both traditional and CAM therapies in their health-related decision-making, the integrative medicine makes sense. Integrative therapy is the combined form of these two. It takes the most effective methods of both domains, evaluates the facts for treating whatever the individual's medical disorder is, and then brings together them to benefit the sufferer. An integrative medicine practitioner will pick from either traditional medicine, or Complementary and Alternative Medicine, or will choose them together. As an example, there is evidence that instructing breast cancer sufferers to do yoga and meditation, a complementary therapy, in conjunction with radiation treatment, a traditional therapy, enhances their outcomes. It helps patients to reduce stress, boost their mood, improve the quality of sleep as well as reduce their fatigue. This is at the same time complementary and integrative therapy.

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