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More Information on magnets - How do magnets work?

Magnetic energy has such all-encompassing, powerful effects that no one description of how they exert their positive therapeutic effects could adequately describe all the many complex ways it effects mind and body. However, one theory based on the concept of diseased cells losing their magnetic equilibrium, explains how topically applied magnets are able to support and encourage the normal functional relationship both within the molecular structure of each cell as well as positively influencing the relationships throughout the entire body-mind process.

Another theory is that magnets exert a powerful attraction to the iron content in the blood, penetrating the outer layers of skin, muscle and fatty tissue to the capillaries that feed directly into the bloodstream. By attracting iron and perhaps other inorganic molecules to a diseased area, circulation is increased. This is enhanced by the increase of oxygen and other vital nutrients to the affected site that assists in healing. The combined effect is regulating the pH of the cells and tissues, balancing, ionizing and oxygenating them and generally relieving congestion and pain by improving blood circulation


Scientific research documents the following specific physiological effects of biomagnetic therapy:

1. It effects increasing blood and oxygen circulation along with the nutrient carrying potential of the blood.
2. It is able to effect pH balance (acid-alkaline) which is often imbalanced in disease tissues.
3. It positively speeds up the migration of calcium ions to facilitate the healing of nervous tissue and bones (usually at least in half the time). Because of this it can also help remove the pathological buildup of calcium associated with arthritic joints.
4. It can powerfully influence the production of certain hormones from the various endocrine glands.
5. It stimulates and fosters enzyme activity and other related physiological processes

If we consider that all functions of the body are essentially biomagnetic, we can understand how each body cell down to the DNA has a positive and negative biomagnetic field and that cell division, itself, is fundamentally a magnetic process that occurs throughout the various tissues and organs of the body. Physiological biochemistry that utilizes various amino acids requires biomagnetic energy to occur.

It has been found that the pineal gland, a tiny pine-cone shaped gland located directly in the center of the brain, responsible for the production of melatonin, enzymes, immune function, oxidation, carbohydrate metabolism, pigmentation by melanin and the cycl patterns of sleep and awakening is regulated, according to Robert Becker in his book on biomagnetics called Cross Currents, "by exposure to steady magnetic fields of the same strength as the geomagnetic field". Since the pineal gland and melatonin govern stress tolerance and the production of antioxidants that help control the harmful effects of free radicals that cause degenerative disease and aging, biomagnetics can have a very beneficial effect in helping to regulate the pineal gland to offset the natural and unnatural disruption of our exposure to natural geo-magnetic fields.

The following chart derived from Bengallineville's book, Magnet Therapy: Theory and Practice outlines the various factors that are responsible for cellular magnetic disturbances


Despite the safety of magnets, there are some contraindications to be aware of. First, do not use magnets during pregnancy, on those who have a history of epilepsy, those wearing a pacemaker or other metal implants that might be dislodged by exposure to magnets. Strong magnets should be used with are on small infants and children, on the eyes, the brain or over the heart.


a. Remove battery powered wristwatches and any other magnetic objects whose field can be altered by the presence of an externally applied magnet.
b. Avoid dropping, banging or heating magnets above 700 degrees Fahrenheit as this may dissipate their strength.
c. For U shaped magnets, use a "keeper" to connect the two ends when it is not in use.
d. Be careful in handling large heavy magnets as one can injure a body part if they were to suddenly slam together from a distance.
e. If possible, do not allow different sized magnets to remain together.
f. Keep magnets away from homeopathic remedies, computer hard drives, recording tape, credit cards, videos and CD's to prevent their being damaged or erased. Magnets should also be kept away from battery operated watches, hearing aids and from individuals who have a pacemaker or any metallic parts placed in their body.

Magnetized Water

The proclaimed healing powers of various naturally occurring baths at places such as Lourdes, France, Sedona, Arizona and Jesus Chahin's well in lacote, Mexico, occurs in areas where there is reportedly higher naturally occurring magnetic energy. One way to naturally magnetize water is to run it through 30 feet of sand where it will emerge negatively poled because of the effect of minute quartz sand crystals. This water emerges saturated with oxygen that is able to kill germs, build bodily strength and support the immune system. Water so treated will show a change of temperature, surface tension, viscosity and electrical conductivity. Just as chemicals change weight after being subjected to magnetic fields, so does water. More hydroxyl (OH-) ions are generated to form calcium bicarbonate and other alkaline particles. Normal water has a pH level of around 7, while magnetized water can reach 9.2 pH after exposure to a 7000 gauss strength magnet. This has been shown to be enough to destroy cancer cells.(6)(Barefoot and Reich).

Cancer is practically unknown to the Hopi Indians of Arizona and the Hunza of Pakistan, so long as they drink from their local water supply which is rich in rubidium and potassium in the case of the Hopi water and rich in caesium and otassium for the Hunza people. The salts of these alkalinizing minerals have the effect of counteracting toxic acidity by raising body pH. Cancer cells are destroyed with an enriched oxygenated environment.

By standing a container of water on either the South or North pole of a magnet for a period of approximately 24 hours, one can imbue it with specific Yin, sedating and dispersing properties or Yang, tonifying and coalescing properties. This water can then be taken internally throughout the day. Water can also be potentized by tying or taping South and North pole magnets to opposite sides of a rectangular bottle or jug.

Herbal teas intended for tonification can be augmented by setting the cup of tea on a South Magnetized surface for an hour or so before drinking. If the tea consists of dispersing, anti-inflammatory or sedative herbs, then the North pole of the magnet should be used.

Special magnetic cups and containers for making magnetized water are available from various magnetic product suppliers and Japanese sources.


Apply a North seeking or low gauss bipolar magnet to the affected site.


Apply North pole or bipolar magnets to the abdomen. Drink North 'magnetized" water.


(see Skin)


(upper respiratory and sinus congestion) Apply North acuband magnets to both sides of the nostrils. Apply North magnets to the chest and upper back.


First determine and treat the underlying cause which may be hemorrhage or imbalanced nutrition. Use a bipolar magnetic mattress and drink water exposed to both the North and South poles.


South or bipolar magnet over the umbilicus and/or stomach area. South magnet over the spine opposite the navel (acupoint Governor 4). Drink bipolar magnetized water. North magnet over the praecordial region of the heart. South pole magnet or bracelet to the right wrist. Drink South magnetized water.


(stroke) Apply a North or bipolar magnet to the center of the forehead. North magnets along the spine to disperse the stagnation. South pole magnet or bracelet to the right wrist.Depending on the hemisphere of the head that is affected. Apply North pole or bipolar magnets to the affected hemisphere of the head.


Do not try to treat acute appendicitis as there is a grave risk of it bursting that could cause massive abdominal inflammation and death. For chronic appendicitis, apply a North or bipolar magnet over the effected area of the abdomen

Arthritis and Rheumatic Complaints

Apply bipolar or North magnet to the affected area (s). Sleeping on a magnetic mattress can be very helpful. Rolling magnetic balls in the hand or other parts of the body regularly is very effective for arthritic conditions especially in the hands and fingers.The principle is that when there is inflammation use the North seeking magnet, for degeneration of the bones and tissues, perhaps the South seeking magnet will be more effective or a combination of both. Bipolar make unnecessary the need to decide when to use either the North or South. In any case, as with any pains, magnetic therapy is one of the most effective methods of achieving relatively fast relief with approximately 90% effectiveness.


Drink water exposed to both North and South polarities

Ascites or Edema

Drink water exposed to both magnetic poles.

Asthma (bronchial)

Apply a large bipolar flex magnet to the back or chest. Drink water that has been exposed to both poles.

Atrophy (Muscular)

Apply South magnets to the affected muscles.

Bell's Palsy

Apply the South pole magnet to the affected muscle of the face and the seventh cranial nerve behind the ear on the same side. North pole can be applied to the lower jaw of the affected side and the South pole to the affected cheek or facial muscles.

Blood Pressure, Reducing or Raising

To reduce blood pressure, wear a bipolar magnetized bracelet on the right wrist. To raise it, wear it on the left wrist. Another method is to place a small North magnet under the right ear along the carotid artery. For either type, drink water exposed to both magnetic poles.

Bronchitis and Sore Throat

Apply North pole magnets to the base of the throat and over both sides of the lungs. North Acuband magnets can be placed and inch and a half alongside the spine between the 2nd and 3rd thoracic vertebrae of the back. North magnets can also be applied to the HoKu point (Colon 4) on the dorsal surface of
the hand between the thumb and 2nd fingers.


To treat local or limited burn areas, apply the North directly over the burn area for 30 to 45 minutes 2 or 3 times a day. North magnetized water can be used over the area as well. When it begins to scab over, use the South to promote faster healing and repair with little or no scaring


Regular application of a high gauss North seeking pole magnets have been effective in checking the growth and occasionally shrinking tumors. Here Dr. Wollin's experience with high gauss neodymium magnets are specifically indicated. It is recommended to apply the magnet over the area for a half hour at a time, three times daily. At the same time North polarity water should be drunk. Skin cancers respond well to the topical application of strong North magnets.

Cholesterol, High

Drink water exposed to the North or bipolar poles.

Chronic fatigue, Fibromyalgia

Use a magnetic bed, magnetic insoles and individual bipolar magnets on the sites of discomfort. For insomnia, apply a North magnetic, around 1000 gauss between the eyebrows for 10 to 15 minutes before retiring.


Apply North or bipolar magnet to the lower abdominal region. Drink bipolar water.


Apply North or bipolar magnet over the pubic region. Drink North magnetized water.


Use magnetic insoles regularly along with the magnetic mattress pad. According to experiments by Dr. Roy Davis, the application of the South magnet to the pancreas for approximately 30 minutes morning and evening "appeared to have either raised the amount of insulin produced by the pancreas or strengthened it to a point where less positive blood sugars were noted when samples were taken and tested for sugars in the urine. Drink bipolar magnetized water.


Apply bipolar or North magnet to the lower left abdominal region.


Same treatment as for diarrhea.


1. Inflammation - Use North magnets on or around the ear.
2. Deafness - Understand the cause. If the ears are plugged with wax, have it removed by a specialist or try using ear candles. If deafness is caused by inflammation use the North Magnet. If it is caused by degeneration use alternating North and South magnets.
3. Ringing (Meniere's) - Apply a North magnet bar over each ear, 20 to 30 minutes 2 or 3 times daily.


Apply the North pole to the head area. It can be placed under the pillow each night or a magnetic pillow can be used. Use a magnetic mattress and magnetic insoles. Drink bipolar magnetized water.


Conjunctivitis, Cataract, Glaucoma and other disorders: Apply North or bipolar magnets over the close eyelids for at least a half hour three times daily.


Apply North pole to the forehead and lower abdomen. Drink North magnetized water.


Apply South pole magnet to the umbilicus and lower abdomen. Drink bipolar magnetized water.


1. Apply bipolar magnets over the affected area
2. Apply alternate North and South magnets along the affected area.
3. Apply a strong North Magnet to one end of the injury and South to the other end.


Apply a North or bipolar magnet to the affected area. Drink bipolar magnetized water.


1. Amenorrhea (Suppressed menses) - Apply South pole or bipolar magnets to the pubic region.
2. Dysmenorrhea (Painful Menstruation) - Apply North or bipolar magnet to the lower abdomen.
3. Menorrhagia (Excessive Menstruation) - Usually, this is more of an inflamed condition and one should apply the North or bipolar magnets to the pubic region or perineum.
4. Infertility: - South or bipolar magnet to the pubic region.
5. Leucorrhea - Apply North pole magnet to the perineum or pubic region. Bipolar magnetized water should be taken regularly.


Sit on a North pole magnet. A seat cushion with magnets is very effective for this purpose.


Apply bipolar magnets to the temples. Heart problems (see Angina)


Apply a South pole magnet to the pubic region.


(see Septic Conditions)


(same treatment as for Rhinitis)


Apply a North magnet to the center of the forehead for ten minutes before retiring, Sleep on a magnetic mattress. Place a North pole magnet face up under the pillow each night.

Kidney Stones

Place a bipolar magnet, and/or a combination of North and South pole acuband magnets (at least 3000 gauss) directly over the right or left lumbar of the lower back, depending on which area is affected. A U shaped magnet can be applied over affected area for approximately an hour once or twice a day


Apply a North pole magnet to the larynx. This can also be used to improve the singing voice.

Liver Diseases (Cirrhosis, Hepatitis and Jaundice)

Apply North or bipolar magnets over the right hypochondriac region. Drink South magnetized water.


Apply bipolar or North magnets to the 'trigger' points on the back. Use magnetic balls once or twice a day over the affected area.

Lung Problems

(see Asthma)
This includes a wide range of problems including asthma, pleurisy, emphysema. In general, to remove congestion apply North magnets to the back and/or chest. A Bipolar magnet offers very good results for most people.

Multiple Sclerosis

Sleeping on a magnetized mattress is specifically indicated. The head especially should be exposed to the North pole. Two magnets between 1000 NS 2000 gauss should be kept under the pillow. Use a U shaped magnet and pass it slowly down the spine once or twice daily. The North removes the spasm while the South increases strength and regeneration. Drink bipolar water.

Muscle Strain and Cramps

Apply North magnets to the affected areas to relieve tension. Roll magnetic balls over the affected area as frequently as you can.


Drink bipolar magnetized water.


Similar to arthritic and rheumatic complaints. Apply North magnet to the affected nerves. Drink North magnetized water. Roll magnetic balls over the area frequently.

Neurasthenia (Nervous Debility)

The North magnet is both anti-inflammatory and soothing. Apply the North to the head and the South on the lower back or below the umbilicus to 'ground' the energy below.

Neuropathies Osteoporosis

Many astronauts were found to suffer from osteoporosis. This established a better understanding of the role magnetic energy played with calcium and phosphate metabolism. Sleeping on a magnetized mattress and wearing magnetized insoles m y be very beneficial to treat and prevent this condition along with appropriate nutritional supplementation. Drinking bipolar magnetized water is also beneficial.

Parkinson's and Chorea

The North magnet to the cerebral region to help reduce muscular rigidity and tremors, The North magnet can also be passed slowly down the spinal column. Drink magnetized water.


To increase prostatic fluid, sit on a South pole for about 30 minutes twice a day.


(Common cold) and Influenza - Use the North magnet over affected areas of the upper respiratory tract. Two North acuband magnets placed on each side of the nostrils will help clear the sinuses. A North magnet placed in the notch at the base of the throat will help control coughing.


Apply North magnets to the affected area.


Use Bloodroot tincture topically, Pau d' Arco, Chaparral, Red Clover and


(see Lumbago) Septic Conditions and Inflammations Apply North magnets to the area. Drink North magnetized water.


(Herpes Zoster) Apply the North magnet to the affected area of the spine. Drink North magnetized water. Roll magnetic balls lightly and rapidly over the area.


Skin diseases such as eczema, acne and psoriasis respond very well to the application of North facing or low gauss bipolar magnets. One method is to apply a fine cotton or linen cloth over the affected area and lay a North facing magnet over the site (s) for 30 minutes once or twice a day. Besides their local effect, magnets extend out to the benefit the surrounding tissue. For facial acne, apply North seeking magnets to the cheeks and foreheads. Acuband magnets can be used if they are convenient. Regular us of magnetic balls rolled over the problem areas is also very effective.


(enlargement as well as enlargement of the liver and lymph glands) For any enlargement of the Spleen, Liver or Lymph glands one should use the North magnet and drink North magnetized water. It is a good idea to seek proper medical advice to determine the underlying cause.

Tachycardia and Heart Palpitations

Wear a South bracelet to the right wrist and North magnet over the praecordial region. A magnetic necklace has been effective in cases when all else failed.

Tennis Elbow

Apply bipolar magnets to the area with an elbow wrap bandage. North magnets are effective over the most painful areas.

Thyroid (including goiter)

or hyperthyroid apply a North magnet to the goiter to slow down overall activity. Drink North magnetized water. For hypothyroid apply a South Magnet to the thyroid area of the neck. Drink South magnetized water. Both thyroid conditions would benefit from the regular use of a magnetic necklace.


(also called Quinsy) Apply North magnets to the affected sites of the throat and swollen lymph glands. Trigeminal Neuralgia Apply bipolar magnets to the affected area or North acuband magnets.


(gastric and duodenal) Apply North magnets over the site of pain. Drink North magnetized water.

Veins, Varicosed

Apply North magnets to affected areas using acuband or other types as convenient.

Vomiting (see Nausea) Warts

Apply the North pole topically to the area