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Our Photo Gallery


Dr. Bart Creil, Prof Institute of Trophical Medicine Ant Werp Belgium, Visited SANJEEVNI NATURAL CURE CENTRE with Dr. Upendra Bhojani of IPH (Institute of Public Health), K.G Halli, Bangalore, Karnataka. India.


Dr. Danesh (Project Manager) SDTT, Visited SANJEEVNI NATURAL CURE CENTRE with Dr. Triveni of IPH (Institute of Public Health).


A case Nutritional neuropathy due to acute vomiting during pregnancy brought to us after delivery as most of the doctors lost hope of recovery. At that time she was unable to walk and even cannot move her body .Her weight was 34 kg. She was given combined treatment of Herbal medicines, acupuncture, cupping and massage.

After 3month she starts improving .after 6month she starts walking with the support of husband. After one year she recovered 100%. Her weight gone to 60kg+ .she started walking freely. I am thankful to Dr Shakeel and Dr Shireen who gave me great support in achieving this great success.


Seva Ratna Award Received on 2005.





It was a great moment to welcome a team of young doctors’ form NETHERLAND at SANJEEVNI NATURAL COURE CENTRE PILLANNA GARDEN BANGALORE. The team of Allopathy doctors is on month long visit to Bangalore city to know medical facilities available in high-tech city Bangalore. The visit is organized by INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC HEALTH, famous N. G. O. of Bangalore under the supervision of Dr Upendra M. BhojaniDr upendra suggested the team apart from visiting Allopathic institutions why not to visit centre of alternative systems of treatment .The team showed great interest and Dr upendra was kind enough to recommend SANJEEVNI NATURAL CURE CENTRE, PILLANNA GARDEN.

Dr Aftab Ahmad welcomed the team at centre and gave brief introduction of different Alternative systems of treatment such as Ayurveda,Acupressure,acupuncture,Aromatherapy,Bachflower remedy, cupping therapy(ALHIAMA),Gauasa terapy,Magnet therapy, Naturopathy are being used at centre to treat different kind of patients.Dr aftab explained how a patient is being diagnosed with latest diagnostic machine of alternative systems and recommended different kind of therapy according to the requirement of patients. The team was amazed to know all about alternative systems of treatment. According to them people of NETHERLAND is not so much of aware alternative systems of treatment. They know basically Allopathy and up to some extent Homeopathy and acupuncture. They have little Idea about other systems of alternative treatment. They were much impressed with the amazing benefits of AYURVEDA.They were surprise to learn how sudden rise in bloodpressure, unconsussnes, bleeding from any part of the body can be instantly managed with the help of ACUPRESSURE. They were also curious to get knowledge of instruments used in alternative systems of medicines for effective management of PAIN, especially jointpain.They also shown interest in BACHFLOWER remedy for Psychiatric problems.

The team was in opinion that combining allopathy and alternative systems may be more useful for patients. They want to be in constant touch of Dr Aftab ahmad to get latest information in the field of alternative systems of treatment .Dr Aftab Ahmad promised all sorts of cooperation for serving ailing humanity.

All team members were gifted with “TRAVEL AIDE”, A FAMOUS RESEARCH PRODUCT OF PROPHETIC MEDICINE RESEARCH CENTRE. Lastly Dr aftab ahmad paid thanks to all team members, Dr upendra and other health workers of INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC HEALTH.