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Why Can Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus Cure Diseases?

According to the traditional medical science in China, life consists of Qi (vital energy) and lifeblood, and Qi is the commander of lifeblood, and lifeblood runs along with Qi. If both run fluently, diseases will disappear (Neijing, a famous ancient Chinese medicine book). The Chinese medicine theory also argues: people feel uncomfortable because of the bad circulation of Qi and lifeblood, if which runs smoothly people won’t be ill. Just as the saying goes, Impaired with Qi, he aches; impaired with lifeblood, he swells. However, if that Qi creates lifeblood and lifeblood takes care of Qi comes true, people will be healthy and gain a prolong life

On the other hand, the study and practice of the ancient Chinese doctors over the past thousands of years have proved that human body contains all kinds of channels. They work as the passageways of jointing the viscera of human body and promoting the circulation of lifeblood and Qi. If the channels are in emphraxis by catching a cold, wet, heat and bumping, hitting and pounding, then the circulation of Qi and lifeblood can’t occupy a high level, so diseases come into being. Linshu Channel (another famous ancient Chinese medicine book) describes that, Channels are the key to people’s lives. They heal all kinds of diseases and regulate the Qi and lifeblood circulation and, anyway, must be kept smoothly running without any hindrance.

Therefore, in the clinical work, Chinese medicine pays great attention to dredging the channels and promoting the circulation of lifeblood and Qi by massaging the acupoints of human body. And, the treatments of internal exercise, Qigong, medicine and acupuncture are all on the basis of dredging channels that can harmonize the five viscera and six bowels, balance Yin and Yang, play the role resisting the exogenous pathogenic factors and protect the organism.

The process to the treatment of Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus is to circularly move the electron of frequency conversion electricity while passing on the relative acupoints of human body with the pace and dynamics incomparably better than that of internal exercise, Qigong, medicine and acupuncture. So it can really dredge the disabled channels, promote the Qi and lifeblood circulation, balance Yin and Yang, regulate the organism, cure diseases and keep health. All in all, the Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus can cure the internal diseases through external treatment both superficially and originally and makes the treatment without any injections, medicines or drug bags come true. Electrotherapy, magnetic therapy: Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus outputs a safe current circulating within the body channels and collaterals to re-adjust the magnetic field distribution by interacting with biological agents to bring in bio-magnetic field, which achieves harmony and unity of the Internal and External, and the balance of the cellular inexenvironment and promotes the metabolism speed up to cure illnesses and diseases.

Tuina, massage: Massage specific parts of the human body simulating doctor practices, and combining "force" and "will" and "information" to adjust the injured tendons, qi and blood and viscera functions, to change pathological condition, to relax tension in the muscle spasm, make through Qi and blood, promote blood circulation around the lesion tissue and increase the flow of the tissue to cause to promote the blood circulation, decrease haemostasis and balance “Yin” and “Yang”.

Acupuncture, Baguan: The frequency currents flow through the body channels and collaterals modeling electroacupuncture patterns to stimulate the corresponding acupuncture points, which achieves the acupuncture function, But there is no Broken Needle, Halo injections, nor difficulty of finding points; the output special electric current functions on body surface, which can produce negative pressure and imitate Baguan to make congestion stasis in parts of the body, reaching Qi and blood circulation, relief of swelling and pain, scatter of cold and illness prevention.

Qigong: Qigong is the use of the circulation of Qi to arouse human potential to promote the Qi and blood and clear stasis. Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus obtains the same effect to qigong through doublepoles output the strong and weak electric currents following the electric potential height along with the human body channels and collaterals to move Qi and blood and makes a connection of the acupuncture points. Without hard practice of qigong, the product is a “qigong apparatus” for everyone.

Podiatry: The human body 12 main channels connect in the body ends, and each organ has the corresponding nerve reflection space in the feet. By outputting the rhythmic electric current of frequency conversion to stimulate these parts, the product can put the human biological condition in a harmonious unity, and make the main 12 channels and all organs totally expedite, the internal organs in “Yin” and “Yang” balance.

The Curative Effect of Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus


Ⅰ Nervous System  - Trigeminal Neuralgia, Inflammation of Facial Nerve, Facial Paralysis, Hemiparalysis after Cerebrovascular Accident, Headache, Sciatica, Paraplegia, Insomnia, Acute Osteomyelitis, Autonomic Nerve Functional Disturbance, Neurasthenia, Motion Sickness, Parkinsonian Syndrome, Multiple Neuritis, Neuritis of Lateral Cutaneous Nerve of Thigh.

Ⅱ Locomotor System - Stiffness, Scapulohumeral Periarthritis, Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Hand Limp, Soft Tissue Injury, Protrusion of Lumbar Intervertebraldisc, Acute Lumbar Strain, Cervical Spindylosis, Sacroiliitis, Postfracture Restoration, Systremma, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Tenosynovitis, Rheumatic Arthritis, Thighbone Necrosis, Gout.

Ⅲ Alimentary System - Phrenospasm, Nausea, Vomiting, Esophagitis, Gastritis, Gastrospasm, Duodenal Ulcer, Gastralyis, Gastroenteritis, Enteritis, Irritable Colitis, Constipation, Cholelithiasis, Billiary Ascariasia, Cholecystitis, Intestinal Obstruction, Intestinal Adhesion, Hemorrhoid, Proctoptosis Appendicitis, Appendicitis, Diarrhea.

Ⅳ Respiratory System - Pneumonia, Rheumatoid Lung, Cold, Bronchitis, Bronchial Asthma, Cut Out Tobacco.

Ⅴ Cardiovascular System, Blood System - Mocarditis, Arrhythmia, Hyperlipemia, Coronary Heart Disease, Anemia, Varicosity, Phlebitis, Hypertension.

Ⅵ Urinary System, Endocrine System - Glomerulonephritis, Pyelonephritis, Kidneystone, Hydronephrosis, Renal Colics, Urinary Tract Infection, Urinary Stone, Incontinence of Urine, Enuresis, Anuria, Prostatitis, Impotence, Prospermia, Hyperthyroidism, Diabetes, Acne, Menopausal Syndrome.

Ⅶ Dermatopathy - Neurodermaitis, Herpes Zoster, Urticariar, Cold Injury.

Ⅷ Five Sense Organs - Glaucoma, Cataracts, Dacryocystitis, Near-Sightedness, Far-Sightedness, Presbyopia, Strabismus, Optic Neuritis, Furuncle of External Auditory Canal,Otitis External, Otitis Media, Deafness, Tinnitus, Allergic Rhinitis, Acute and Chronic Rhinitis, Pachyderma Laryngis, Paralysis of Vocal Cord, Toothache, Sore Throat.

Ⅸ Gynecology - Irregular Menses, Dysmenorrhoea, Amenorrhea, Hydrosalpinx, Hysteroptosis, Pelvic Infection, Location of Lactatior, Lactiferous Ductitis, Acute Mammitis, Hyperplasia of Mammary Glands, Breast Developing, Mastoptosis.

Ⅹ Health-Protection Therapy- Eight Main Nourishing Acupoints of the Body, Strengthen the Body, Prevent the Disease, Health Protection and Prevention of Bronchitis&Bronchial Asthma.

Ⅺ Lose Weight, Face Beautification, Hands and Feet-Reflex therapy, Hydro-Magneto-and Electro-Therapy

Operation Guide of BL-G Yidiantong Type

Operation Guide of Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus

1. Microphone

2. Radio Button

3. Up-Lid Clasp

4. Operation Button

5. Jack of Electrode Slice

6. Jack of Electromagnetism Contactor

7. Jack of Electro Impulse Therapeutics

8. Shell

9. LCD Monitor

10. Signal-output Plug of Electrode Slice

11. Electrode Slice

12. Signal-output Plug of Electromagnetism Contactor

13. Electromagnetism Contactor

14. Power Switch

15. Jack of Complex Treatment I

16. Jack of Heat Treatment

17. Jack of Ears-Acupoints Diagnosis

18. Jack of Hands-Acupoints Diagnosis

19. Detective Ring

20. Electro-Eardrum

21. Plug of Detective Ring and Electro-Eardrum

22. Diagnosis Pen Detector Plug

23. Diagnosis Pen Detector

24. Position Fix Clip for Shaoshang Acupoint

25. Heat Treatment Bag

26. Electrode Slice in Electric intensity I

27. Plug of Heat Treatment

28. Plug of Electric Intensity I

Operation Guide of BL-G Yidiantong Type

The function of BL-G Yidiantong Type comprises three independent parts: 1. Diagnosis 2. Treatment 3. FM Radio 4.Attentions

1. Diagnosis Including: Ear acupoints detection diagnosis and comprehensive diagnosis through hand and ear acupoints (1) Ear acupoints detection diagnosis Fundamental of diagnosis: Ear acupoint detection diagnosis is one of the important parts of traditional Chinese medical theory. Chinese medical theory believed that human ear likes an upside-down fetus. Every organ and part of human body has its corresponded acupoint on ears called ear-acupoints. When the pathologic change incurred in an organ/part of human body, the corresponded acupoint on ear will have the following changes: color changed, form distorted, electric resistance lower, etc. Based on the theory, the apparatus tests tiny changes of biological current and adopts the hightechnology to enlarge the electronic and voice wave of it. Therefore, the apparatus could help user to detect the potential disease, alarm automatically and treat early.

A. Diagnosis method: Connect the apparatus with electricity; set the apparatus status as pause. a. Ensure the apparatus and accessories are under good conditions before diagnosis. Insert the Plug of Diagnosis Detector Pen (22) into Jack of Ears- Acupoints Diagnosis (17) on the left side of apparatus; connect Diagnosis Pen Detector (23) with Plug of Detective Ring and Electro-Eardrum (21); press Diagnosis button, then press Up button to add intensity. The apparatus work well if there is alarming accompanied with the intensity increase. b. Wear the Detective Ring (19) on middle finger, and insert Plug of Detective Ring and Electro-Eardrum (21) into jack of ring. c. Regulating the benchmark point. Gently press the Diagnosis Detector Pen on the up and down ear root (Refer to the right picture). Press the Diagnosis button, then press Up button continuously until the apparatus alarms slightly. It means the benchmark points found. Explanation: Different people have different electric resistance, so every time the benchmark point must be regulated before diagnosis. Please be careful because the benchmark point can not be too high or too low. If it is too high, untrue positive will be detected, even though there is no illness the apparatus will alarm. If it is too low, the disease cannot be diagnosed. In the above mentioned two situations, the benchmark point should be re-adjusted. Attention: Do not rub ears hardly before diagnosis.

B. Start diagnosis: a. Use the Diagnosis Detector Pen to detect the acupoints around the region auricularis in turn (refer to right picture), do not ignore any acupoints. b. If the apparatus alarms when the detector pen reaches a certain acupoints, refer to the ear-acupoints diagnosis blueprint, find out the corresponded organ/part of the body that incurred pathologic change. You can also reconfirm the pathologic change in that organ/part through hands-acupoint diagnosis

C. Notice: a. Make the pressure and motion speed of the diagnosis detector pen equal, pressure strength standard is no concave found in the region auricularis, motion speed standard is that you do not stay over 2 seconds in the same ear-acupoints, or fake positive will show (apparatus will alarm even though there is no disease). b. Diagnosis should be done on both sides of ears and hands. Generally speaking, the diseases in left side of human body could be reflected on right ear. The diseases in right side of body could be reflected on left ear. c. While detecting, alarming without pain, it means illness is premature. Alarming with pain feeling means the disease has already formed. d. Do not process the diagnosis if you got drunk, sweating, exciting, fever or just finished a treatment, because it would lead to a wrong diagnosis resul

D. Diagnosis Attentions 1. Tumour Diagnosis: If apparatus alarms on the detection of adrenal gland, endocrine, subcortex, tumour catution section 1. 2. 3. and tumour acupoints 1. 2. 3. It means there are some abnormity in the relevant section and should reconfirm it through other medical instruments. 2. Diabetes Diagnosis: alarming on pancreas, endocrine, hungering point or thirsting point means you might get diabetes. 3. Coronary heart disease Diagnosis: alarming on heart, small intestine, blood pressure lowing point or kidney means you might get coronary heart disease. 4. Pregnant Diagnosis: alarming on uterus, pelvic cavity, bladder, incretion or cardiac means you might get pregnant. 5. Other Diagnosis tips: alarming on Shenmen Acupoint means the quality of sound sleep is not good. Alarming on blood pressure depressing acupoint means blood pressure is abnormal. 6. There is some acupoints located on gristle, (such as thoracic vertebra, mammary gland, lumbar spine, sacrovertebral, sciatic nerve, hip, knee, ankle, liver, spleen). Detect them carefully, ensure you correctly regulate the benchmark point, you may lay the detector pen horizontally and vertically to see the diagnosis result.

(2) Comprehensive diagnosis through hand and ear acupoints A. Preparation a. Insert the Plug of Diagnosis Pen Detector (22) into the Jack of Hands- Acupoints Diagnosis (18) on the left side of apparatus. b. Choose the suitable Electro Eardrum, insert Plug (21) into it (20) and wear it in the relevant ear. (Refer to the right picture). During the diagnosis, if you wear the Electro Eardrum on the left ear, detect the left hand; otherwise detect the right hand. The acupoint of left and right hands are symmetric. c. Place the Position Fix Clip (24) on the Shaoshang Acupoint of thumb and regulate the basic point. d. Press the Diagnosis Button, then the Up button continuously till you hear the slight spasmodic alarming. e. Hold Diagnosis Pen (23) and slide the detector over the relevant acupoint on hands. (Do not press acupoint to avoid wrong detect result).

B. Attention a. Every time, user should regulate the benchmark point on Shaoshang Acupoint before the comprehensive diagnosis through hand and ear acupoints. b. Refer to the Hand Acupoints Reference Picture, find out the relevant disease reflect point. c. After diagnosis, remove the electro eardrum and diagnosis pen and put them back.

C. Tips a. As the accessories of the apparatus, there is a left Electro-Eardrum and a right one. During diagnosis, please wear left Electro-Eardrum while detect left hand, or right Electro-Eardrum while detect right hand. The acupoints on the two hands are symmetric. Left hand diagnosis result owns priority. b. The clinical report shows, comprehensive diagnosis through hand & ear acupoints can be altered to be comprehensive treatment. The alarming acupoint is the part to be treated. Electro-Eardrum and Diagnosis Pen could be used as treatment instruments. Obvious curative effect could be given to partial pain patient. c. Detect the disease all around the body through left hand. Right hand is bias on the detect of lime, liver and gallstone diseases treatment. d. The latent diseases could be determined in few minutes and treated in advance. e. Clean of the diagnosis tools: Diagnosis Pen, Ring, Position Fix Clip for Shao Shang Acupoint, and Electro-Eardrum should be washed with fresh water after the usage. f. Do not place the Electro-Eardrum and position fix clip for Shao Shang Acupoint with shell or other elastic accessories to avoid senescence. g. Put the accessories back after the treatment.

2. Treatment Therapy methods could be categorized as A, B, C, D and E: A. Complex Treatment I –control the intensity of Complex Treatment I (26), the initial electric intensity is set at 00, intensity is ranged between 00-32; B. Far infrared Heat Treatment—control the temperature of Multifunctional Radiation Treatment Board (26), the initial heat intensity is set at 13, intensity is ranged between 00-21. C. Complex Treatment II –control the intensity of Electrode Slice (11) and Electromagnetism Contactor (13), the initial electric intensity is set at 00, intensity is ranged between 00-32. D. Electrotherapeutics (Eight Functions) –control the intensity of Electrode Slice (11), the initial electric intensity is set at 05; intensity is ranged between 00-32. E. Cosmetology and gymnastic The above therapy methods A, B, C, D can work separately or simultaneously. As a rule, the initial intensity of diagnosis is set at 05, intensity ranged 00-32; the initial treatment time is at 06 minutes, treatment time ranged 00-32 minutes

2-1. Preparations: Multifunctional Radiation Treating Board: put the Multifunctional radiation Treating Board (26) on the treating points after soaking water, and insert the Plug of Electric Intensity (28) into the Jack of Complex Treatment I (15) and the Plug of Far Infrared Heat Treatment (27) to Jack of far Infrared Heat Treatment (16). Electrode Slice: uncover the elastic of patch and put it on the treatment acupoint. Electromagnetism Contactor: wrap the two Electromagnetism Contactors with 3-tiered gauzes and bind each of them with a piece of elastic, then soak water and insert the two Signal-Output Plugs (12) into the Jack of Electromagnetism Contactor (6).

2-2. Operation Process: (1) connect the electricity and switch the power (14) on (pilot lamp turns light), shift the Up-lid Clasp (3) right and open the apparatus, press the Start/Pause Button after the LCD Display (9) turns light, you will then start the treatment with a voice tip “Start Treatment” (2) Select Therapy method A: press the Complex Treatment I button, then press the Up or Down button to adjust the output intensity. Select Treatment B: press the Heat Treatment button, then press the Up or Down button to adjust the output temperature. Select Treatment C: press the Complex Treatment II button, then press the Up or Down button to adjust the output intensity. Select Treatment D: press the Audiotherapy button, then press the Up or Down button to adjust the output intensity. Adjust the treatment time: press the Timing button, then press the Up or Down button to adjust the treatment time . (Caution: the time can’t be set at 0, or the apparatus will not work) All setup will be automatically memorized n 5 seconds after pressing of Up or Down button. (3) Conclusion: when the treatment finished, you’ll hear the voice tip “Treatment finished, thanks for your usage and may you healthy”, then the apparatus would automatically cut off all electricity intensity output, you should switch off the Power, remove the electricity plug and clear up the accessories for next time use.

2-3. Some Tips: (1) Inset all fitting plugs needed before the treatment, and do not remove them while the treatment is processing, or it might spoil the apparatus performance. (2) Please remove power plug to save electricity after the treatment.

2-4. Gymnastics and Cosmetology a. Gymnastics Treat with Electro-Eardrum 2 to 3 times every day, and 20 to 30 minutes every time. It will dredge the channels, stimulate the energy of cell, promote the immunity function and natural function and reach the goal of gymnastics and prolonging the life. b. Cosmetology Soak the Electro-Eardrum with water; treat 2 to 3 time, 20 to 30 minutes every times. It will regulate the incretion, promote the microcirculation and dispel the black pigment. It enables your face fresh and shining with more elasticity. You will reach the goal of cosmetology.

3. FM radio FM radio is controlled by four buttons. Press the Restoration Button, receiver set on low FM and do the Search Button, radio searches automatically from low to high frequency. Stop searching when the programmers of receiver become clear. Press +/- to choose the volume. Attention: volume+, volume- and button of power switch are worked separately. All of the following functions: FM receiver, comprehensive diagnosis through hand and ear acupoints, five-method output therapy work separately and could not operate simultaneously

3. FM radio FM radio is controlled by four buttons. Press the Restoration Button, receiver set on low FM and do the Search Button, radio searches automatically from low to high frequency. Stop searching when the programmers of receiver become clear. Press +/- to choose the volume. Attention: volume+, volume- and button of power switch are worked separately. All of the following functions: FM receiver, comprehensive diagnosis through hand and ear acupoints, five-method output therapy work separately and could not operate simultaneously