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About Us

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Basically, an acupuncture practitioner, also practicing various alternative systems of medicine such as herbal therapy, acupressure, KHT, Bach Flower Naturopathy, Magnet Therapy, Cuffing Therapy and Prophetic Medicine (Thibb-e-Nabvi) provides treatment under one roof to get complete cure (not only temporary relief). It is good to feel when our bodies are functioning properly. In fact, majority of people accept all their simple ailments such as aches, pains, sneezing, fatigue, indigestion, weight gain, mood swings and food craving as normal and unavoidable as part of their life style.

The reason for this mis-conception is the use of conventional medicines, which has ucceeded considerably more in treating the disease rather than eliminating and preventing the same. Generally when sick, we take medication and symptoms vanish. This method seldom addresses the underlying causes of the disease, which results in Suffering from the above ailments. More over, this weakens our body. It is rare we get healthy, instead we feel okay. We gradually depend on the counter drugs like alcohol, stimulants; etc, which can further deteriorates our body’s natural functional ability.

The methods of adopting alternative systems of medicine give you

A) Perfect healthy feeling
B) And prevents side effects of conventional medicines such as ulcers, constipations, etc

This further result in medications to cure the newborn side effects, which hampers the natural ability and performance of various organs.

We will help you to feel and be healthy. We can make health plans to suit your body.

If alternative medicine is new to you or you would like to have more information about our practices, please go through our website.Huwashshafi Medical Center

My journey as an Acupuncturist started two decades ago from Dhanbad, a district of Jharkand state, later I shifted to Bangalore a decade ago. These years in Bangalore have given me an opportunity to establish alternative treatment as a viable and faithful means of treatment by treating thousands of patients, writing articles in Newspapers (specially Urdu dailies from Bangalore like Siyasat and Rashtriya Sahara) and T.V. programmes organized by DD Karnataka.

With a high rate of success I was able to treat many patients afflicted with psychiatric problems, allergies [cold and skin], piles, joint pains, kidney stone, acidity, impotency, infertility, cysts, and tumors. I am able to treat peptic ulcers, gallstones, chronic renal failure, and cirrhosis of liver, hepatitis C etc, BP, diabetics and paralytic strokes.

I successfully completed,

N.D[Naturopathy], Vaidy [Ayur], M.D.[A.M.] , P hd  [A.M.]

Diploma in Acupuncture.[Sri Lanka]
Certificate in Acupuncture. [China]

Member of Acupuncture Association.[Sri Lanka].
FIRM [Integral Medicine].

Additional Activities:

Writing articles on alternative medicines and herbs.

  • Already published 150 articles (Urdu Daily Bangalore) in Siyasat, 30 articles in Rashtriya Sahara (Urdu Daily Bangalore).
  • 5 articles in monthly magazine Islamic Voice.
  • 2 articles in Young Muslim Digest.
  • 20 programmes in DD Karnataka.


#205,9th Main,3rd Stage,Pillana Garden,
Bangalore-560045, Karnataka,India.
Phones: Cell: (+91)-9886152789, Land: (+91)-080-25498835
Email:sanjeevni.pmrc@gmail.com , sanjeevni.pmrc@rediff.com, dr-aftab@huwashshafi.com